Anger Management Techniques

Anger is an important emotion, but sometimes we allow it to get the better of us and it works to our disadvantage. Various Anger Management Techniques can be used, and if you are prone to losing your temper at the drop of a hat, you should really start to practice them so that they become second nature when really needed. Anger can be very destructive for you, and also the person you’re venting your anger at, so it really needs to be controlled before it starts to control you.

How many times has someone told you take a deep breath and count to ten? This is one of the most useful and common anger management techniques and you’ve probably heard it lots of times before without even thinking about. Well, think about it now, it really does work. The slower you can count to ten the better, it will help you to relax a little and hopefully realise that whatever it is that’s happening is not really worth getting all worked up about, and breathing really deeply from the diaphragm is a well known relaxation technique. Try putting another word between each number, ‘one banana, two bananas, three bananas’ and so on, for a variation of the technique.

Another one of the very useful anger management techniques is to completely remove yourself from the situation in your mind. Close your eyes (only if safe to do so) and imagine yourself in your happy place, somewhere that makes you feel good and stress free. Create your own little ‘stress free place’ just for that critical moment or two when you can feel that you are about to blow. This can help to relax your mind and reduce the anger welling up inside of you. By successfully controlling your anger you can make not only your life more pleasurable, but also the lives of those around you.

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