Extraordinary Relationship Intensive


Is your relationship EVERYTHING you hoped? Have you lowered your standards in your relationship? Are you suffering from lack of affection or passion? Or losing respect or admiration? Are you worried about your future?


“We want to commit to a person so we can feel safe and go back to sleep and that’s how we end up WITHOUT what we really want in our lives ~ yikes! …There’s SO much to find out about each other.” ~ Alison Armstrong


Do you feel like you’re hitting the snooze-button in your most important relationship?


What’s missing?


  • Respect
  • Admiration
  • Affinity — really liking the person you’re with, or feeling liked
  • Passion — all the parts that add up to intimacy and play
  • Compatibility — either natural & easy, or adaptations for where it’s missing


Or, is it Due Diligence and knowing how to fix it when something doesn’t go the way you’d initially hoped?


Alison Armstrong, has spent over 25 years studying what makes the sexes truly opposite — and how to take relationships from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY. Her students RAVE about her content as the most “original” and life-changing for all kinds of relationships. And her logic, sense of humor and pragmatic solutions will delight and deliver.


“Your commitment to restoration and to being restored turns risk into play. It changes EVERYTHING…when you know you can be counted on to be ‘put back together,’ that you can be counted on to put your partner back together, now you can boogie. Now you can dance. Now you can get your toes stepped on and not stop dancing. [It’s] the KEY and very few people commit to it.” ~ Alison Armstrong


The Extraordinary Relationship Intensive is unlike anything Alison Armstrong has offered before.


For over a decade Alison has been unwilling to offer coaching for couples since there wasn’t a structure to ensure everyone was starting from the same place …until now! Along with unparalleled access to programs and products, a feature of the program is exceptional time with Alison. This means she will take time with you to customize the information to YOUR relationship ~ and provide 8 private coaching calls unavailable anywhere else.


Are you inspired by the possibility of having direct, customized, implementation support from a master relationship coach?


It all begins June 3!


Alison’s Extraordinary Relationship Intensive is EXCLUSIVE, by-application only, and there are only 30 spaces.


(Includes access for an unprecedented 18 months)

  1. Understanding Men
  2. Understanding Women
  3. Understanding Sex & Intimacy
  4. Understanding Love & Commitment
  5. Being Extraordinary as a Man
  6. Being Extraordinary as a Woman
  7. Extreme Freedom
  8. Critical Missing Pieces



  • Journey to the Center of You
  • Celebrating Partnership with Workbook
  • The Appreciation Equation
  • Why Men Lie, Why Women Lie
  • Coughing Up the Truth
  • The Cure for Complaining
  • A Great ASK and Beyond
  • Loving More by Sacrificing Less



  • Amazing Development of Men 2nd Edition
  • In Sync with the Opposite Sex
  • What a Man Needs Most
  • Why You Can’t Trust Men to Tell the Truth



  • The Queen’s Code
  • Making Sense of Men
  • There are no course prerequisites
  • It requires a strong desire and commitment to transform your relationship and how you honor yourself in it
  • You’ll need about 4 hours per week to watch, listen, learn and apply Alison’s curriculum to yourself and your life
  • Being in an existing relationship is required, however you can enroll individually OR as a couple, depending on what’ll work best for your situation
  • The primary focus is romantic relationships. And ~ it’s the commitment to EXTRAORDINARY that matters ~ inquire if you have a business or family relationship you want to work on.


  • The Love Bubble: Creating, Nurturing and Restoring Affinity and Attraction
  • Uber Values: Complementary and Conflicting Lives; Shared Futures
  • Delicious Sexual Partnership: Safety, Revelation, Acceptance, Deals
  • Time and Money: Spending, Saving, Investing, Respecting, Resourcing
  • Deliberate and Unconscious Objectification and Emasculation
  • Restoration Skills, Commitments and Credits: Noble Healing and Noble Forgiveness
  • Noble Qualities and Noble Needs in a Process of Honoring: Projecting vs. Verifying; Expecting vs. Receiving
  • Worth It Calculations: Conceived and Perceived
  • Life Short Lists: Support, Sex, Fun, Free Time
  • Appreciation: Equations, Currencies and Exchange Rates
  • Independence and Self-Sufficiencies: Protecting, Supporting and Surrendering
  • Right Person Qualities, Behaviors and Deal Breakers: Can’t Live With/Without; Better Off With/Without
  • Power-More and Power-Less:Predicaments and Sacrifices
  • Receiving and Providing: Clarifying the What, the How and the When
  • Stating the Obvious: Committing to Clues and “Looks Like”
Extraordinary Relationship Intensive