Cannabis Cultivation


Our Cannabis Cultivation Certificate Program was developed by the world’s most respected and decorated cannabis horticulture experts to teach you how to grow consistent, compliant, high-yield, commercial grade cannabis. If you are looking to enter into a career in cannabis cultivation, take your home grows to the next level, or want to move up at your current cultivation job this is the program for you.


A Depth of Knowledge You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

You’ll Master Topics Essential To Success In Cannabis Cultivation, Including:

  • Cannabis botany
  • Watering and nutrient cycles
  • Proper genetic selection
  • Maximizing quality and yields
  • Seed germination
  • Natural pest management and disease control
  • Plant cloning
  • Harvesting tools and techniques
  • Soil vs soil-less techniques (including “living soil”)
  • Drying and curing techniques
  • Lighting options and photoperiod principles
  • And much more

The Cannabis Cultivation Certificate covers these topics in detail, taught by some of the world’s leading cannabis growers, scientists, authors, and educators. Additionally, our experts will use their deep cannabis industry experience to impart valuable tips and guidance to help you flourish in this blossoming new industry in a variety of positions, including:

  • Transplanting Technician
  • Pest and Disease Technician
  • Assistant to the Chief Cultivator
  • Packaging
  • Harvesting Assistant
  • Curing Assistant/Technician
  • Trimmer
  • Nursery Assistant/Technician
  • Processing Crew
  • Farm Hand

Commercial cannabis farms are desperate for horticulture professionals that have the skills to produce healthy, potent plants

The cannabis industry is growing, it’s projected to generate more than 30 billion dollars in sales by 2023. Spurred on by public demand for medicinal and recreational cannabis, legal grow operations are looking to increase their cannabis production. Cannabis companies are more than willing to pay professionals that can grow consistent, compliant, high-quality cannabis; the average pay for a director of cultivation is $88,000 a year and can exceed $200,000 for master cultivators.

If you would like to grow cannabis at a professional level, get hired at a grow operation, or assume a leadership position at your current organization, this program can help you do it. Completing the program will give you an edge in the highly competitive field of cannabis cultivation.

Cannabis Cultivation