Cannabis Extraction Certificate Program


The Cannabis Extraction Certificate Program provides students with deep working knowledge of laboratory techniques, principles, and environmental impacts to help them thrive in the fastest-growing sector of cannabis and hemp extracts. You’ll learn cutting-edge extraction techniques and how to make award-winning products from the world’s top cannabis scientists, researchers, engineers, and extraction professionals in this first-of-its-kind online course.


Why Choose This Course

The Extraction Certificate Program demystifies the complicated and often misunderstood field of cannabis extraction.

The program brings students a scientifically rigorous curriculum in a fast-paced, practical form. From interpreting lab results to building sustainable financial models for each of your business’ extraction methods, you will acquire a comprehensive understanding of cannabis extraction that will be an asset to you throughout your career.

A Depth of Knowledge You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

You’ll Master Topics Essential To Success In Cannabis Extraction, Including:

  • Cannabis Chemistry: the science of cannabis molecules
  • Essential extraction principles
  • The three major extraction processes
  • The science and steps behind different methods of extraction
  • Choosing the best extraction method(s) for your business
  • The role solutions play in your final product
  • How to correctly interpret lab results
  • How solubility applies to major extraction processes
  • Developing a financial model for each of your business’ extraction methods
  • Cannabis Mechanics: application of cannabinoids and terpenes
  • Cannabinoid dosing and absorption facts
  • Quality Control: replicating optimal results
  • Cannabinoid Formulations: how to make award-winning products
  • Environmental & Contamination Impact: techniques to reduce your footprint
  • Careers in cannabis science and extraction
  • and much more


Cannabis Extraction Certificate Program