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We strive to be the #1 source for expert, professional help in making career and educational choices. Our website gives you expert help with career choices – career changes, career planning, job skills, and choosing a college major or educational program. Based on the best science and practices of career counseling… and the most complete and accurate information available.


Career assessment that empowers you to take action

You know you want to change career direction or make a career choice, and you’re ready to take the next step.

When who you are matches the choice you make, you’re more likely to be successful. We show you how to do that.

  • Learn more about your personality with our 10 minute assessment
  • Identify your strongest personality types and get personalized advice about next steps
  • Explore career and education options that best match your personality

With your Career Key match, you’re more likely to succeed and achieve career well-being. Research shows it. It’s exciting you’re taking steps toward lifelong career satisfaction – let us be your partner!

Career Key Discovery career assessment

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Are you helping someone else? Check out our new features for parents, private counselors, coaches, and consultants:

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