Master Sexpert Program

$2,497.00 $947.00

What is a sexpert? Master Sexpert training combines relationship coaching with sex education.  Sex coaches (sexperts) help individuals and couples create healthy, happy sex lives based on the goals they want to achieve.  Unlike Sex Therapists who work more on people’s past problems, sex coaches and sexperts focus on future goals and empowerment.


How to Become a Sexpert

While you do not need to be a licensed sex therapist to become a sexpert or sex coach, it is important to get qualified certification from a respected relationship coaching school, university or program.

At Loveology University® you can take the Certified Master Sexpert program to earn your certification to become a Sexpert, Sex Educator, Sex Coach, Sex Expert, Sexuality Expert, Sensual Empowerment Coach, Sex Blogger or Writer, Sexual Health Educator or a Pleasure Products Professional or Pleasure Party Consultant.  Graduation from this program entitles you to teach other adults about human sexuality and how to empower their intimate lives.

If you want to upgrade to the Certified Love Coach Program at any time during or after your Master Sexpert Certification, you can apply the amount you have already paid toward the new certification by e-mailing us at [email protected] . It will never cost you more in total than the all-inclusive Certified Love Coach Program!

If you are already a Life Coach, Health Coach, or other wellness and empowerment professional, adding sex coaching to your certifications can help you expand your skills and gain an advantage over other counselors and coaches.


Do You Want to Become a Certified Master Sexpert and Sex Coach?

Becoming a sexpert or intimacy expert can be a very lucrative and rewarding career.

Are you ready for an exciting career as a Sexpert, Sexuality Coach, Sex Coach, or Sex Expert? Do you want to help others with their sexual relationships and help them enhance their sex lives? Would you like to help individuals claim their own sexual freedom and express themselves sexually?  Would you like to help couples create more intimacy and spice up their love relationships between the sheets? Are you interested in helping men and women become more orgasmic, and obtain their full erotic potential? Do you see yourself in a career as a sexuality empowerment coach?


If you said YES! to the questions above, then the Certified Master Sexpert Program is for you!

Become a great lover, and give workshops on healthy sexuality with this program that offers 16 narrated Keynote courses, erotic instructional videos and audios.

Master Sexpert Program
$2,497.00 $947.00