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To get medical cannabis remember, Indica, Sativa, hybrid, edibles, marijuana cards, state, and federal laws all add hurdles for hassle-free access to medicine. Some states legalized marijuana for recreational use and kept the prescribed number of patients. There is a lot of confusion about the laws and use of cannabis. The Medical Marijuana Policy Project found the number of registered patients for medical marijuana has reached about 3.2 million, and 240,000 are Florida residents. This new industry with growers, dispensaries, marijuana doctors and more is all within the Florida Medical Cannabis arena.



Florida legalized medical cannabis in November 2016 so, Floridians are eligible to use medical cannabis with certain qualifying conditions. Medical Marijuana Clinic is here to help if you are looking for a medical marijuana doctor to get your marijuana card. We support patients with qualifying conditions to help them get a medical marijuana card. Medical Marijuana Clinic is a specialized practice set up to help patients understand the new Florida laws and determine their eligibility for a medical marijuana card.  Eligible, registered patients receive a marijuana card so they can buy medical cannabis at a dispensary.


There is a long history of cannabis use. The federal government outlawed cannabis in 1970 but California legalized medical marijuana in 1996 despite the federal laws. Since then 33 states have followed the same path. Some states legalized recreational use in 2012.

Our government has a right to regulate and criminalize cannabis – even if used for medical purposes. This leads to a lot of confusion about medical cannabis laws. The state-based laws are not all the same. The FDA disapproves of medical marijuana for reasons of not enough proof that it works.


Only a certified marijuana doctor can verify a patient’s qualifying condition for a medical marijuana card.  We connect the patient, to the doctor, to the product and help the patient get a medical marijuana card to find the right dispensary for their needs.


Meet with our marijuana doctor today to get a review and evaluation. Our money-back guarantee pledges if the doctor finds you not eligible for marijuana, you don’t pay.

The Florida Department of Health requires registration of eligible patients. The doctor enters the patient into the Registry called MMUR. The State emails the patient login credentials so the patient can complete the application process and pay the $75 State fee. The State emails an application approval to the patient to buy medical cannabis from the dispensary.

Our marijuana doctors make sure patients can find a dispensary to fulfill specific needs for qualifying conditions. The medical marijuana market has a wide choice of products like oils, flower, edibles and more.

To begin on the path towards medical well-being, visit our Start Today page. It is an easy online process with simple steps. Call us at (813) 774-3474 if you run into problems and we will be happy to help.

Medical Marijuana Clinic Tampa