Telemedicine Training

$499.00 $249.00

New Florida Requirement for Relicensing! The Telebehavioral Health Institute, LLC (TBHI) , has served more than 11,200 medical and behavioral health and service professionals from over 83 countries. TBHI has grown into offering professional training programs focused on the use of videoconferencing, the telephone, email, text messaging, including heart-rate variability for use by physicians, osteopaths, nurse practitioners, nurses, physician assistants, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists in addition to psychologists, social workers, counselors, behavior analysts and students. Using 21st Century instructional design, TBHI’s eLearning materials are delivered in a variety of multi-media formats (text-based, audio and video clips to further illustrate key points or to give examples), in evidence-based single courses or sold as packages leading to one or two designations known as Board Certified Telehealth Professional Level I or Level II . Programs developed by TBHI are accompanied by complimentary continuing medical education (CME) or continuing education (CE) hours at no extra charge. TBHI also offers staffing and consultation services to groups or individuals seeking to cut through much conflicting information, follow an evidence-based path and get started quickly.


Looking for a live, interactive training experience to improve your telehealth clinical skills while bringing you up-to-date with COVID-19 policy changes?

The 4-hour Telehealth Clinical Best Practices for COVID-19 has been developed to give you a deep dive into the clinical evidence-based models, tips and strategies for telehealth practice – as well as a quick overview of COVID-19 policy updates.


  • Evidence-based protocols to minimize complications later
  • What to say to educate your client/patient about telehealth
  • Establishing appropriate boundaries and what to do when they fail
  • Maintaining essential privacy protections in your home and in your client/patient’s
  • Essential informed consent
  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • Documentation
  • What to do when the connection is lost
  • How to perform essential clinical functions such as gait analyses, hygiene checks, maximizing privacy
  • Controlling your client/patient’s room
  • How to handle intruders entering your room as the practitioner
  • How to handle intruders entering your client/patient’s room
  • Setting and maintaining the therapeutic frame
  • Including family members in the session
  • Anxieties about working with technology
  • Clinician self-care
  • Handling requests from clients/patients to stay connected while in other states
  • Evidence-based models for preventing and handling emergencies

You will participate in a clear discussion of “dos and dont’s,” along with their rationales, to allow you to make your own clinical decisions for the people that you serve. Basic competencies covered include documentation requirements, safety protocols and how to effectively involve family members or friends.

Telemedicine Training
$499.00 $249.00