Time In Toolkit

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This question inspired the creation of our The Time-In ToolKit, a step-by-step guide for nurturing social and emotional skills in children through mindfulness, child-led play, and positive discipline. The Time-In ToolKit gives you everything you need to create a calming space for children ages 3 to 9+ for use in homes, classrooms, daycare centers, therapy settings and more. One kit is all you’ll need per home or classroom and the many play-based activities in the ToolKit easily adapt to diverse settings and neurological abilities.


Goodbye time-outs, power struggles, and clip charts. Using the Time-In ToolKit approach, we can meet children where they are, socially and emotionally, teaching them with clear and consistent boundaries, free from shame, blame, and pain.


Your Time-In ToolKit Manual will guide you every step of the way as you set up a cozy, inviting space your child will want to visit. The posters and manual that come with your kit will also help you establish your personal Calming Corner guidelines, whether for a home, classroom or other setting.

The Time-In ToolKit comes with a beautifully illustrated 8-page mini-manual in every box and a more detailed Digital Manual to inspire social-emotional learning, connection and fun for years to come.


The first step to emotional regulation is awareness.

The playful activities included in the ToolKit make thinking, talking and learning about emotions fun. With practice, children as young as age two and three begin to recognize the four different mood-groups we all feel in the average day.

Children will intrinsically want to visit their Calming Corner when they can notice and name their emotions. The following poster (one of six in the kit) teaches kids that even their PeaceMakers animal friends, featured throughout the ToolKit, feel all four types of emotions: anger/fear (red), sadness (blue), calm (green), and happy (yellow).

  • PeaceMakers Mindfulness Card Game: 42 cards plus instructions
  • 35 Resealable Animal Stickers
  • Meet the PeaceMakers Poster (works with the stickers): 20″ x 30”
  • My Calming Strategies Poster: 20″ x 30″
  • 32 Feeling Faces Poster: 12″ x 16″
  • PeaceMakers Feel Many Emotions Poster: 12″ x 16″
  • My Calming Corner Poster: 8″ x 10″
  • Calming Steps Poster: 8” x 10”
  • My Feelings Card Set including the “What Can I Do?” Activity Mat
  • 8-page full color printed mini-manual
  • 50+ page Digital Manual
  • 32 sticky tabs to hang the posters if you decide not to frame them


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  • Creating A Calming Corner & Using Time-Ins: 50 pages of instructions (PDF)
  • Bonus Printables (PDF): This 40 page set of printables comes at the end of your Digital Manual to help you make Time-In’s more engaging in your home, school and/or therapy practice. Because these sheets are PDF’s, they can be used with multiple children at no extra cost to you.

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calming space for children ages 3-9+

Time In Toolkit
$69.99 $59.99