Joybija Meditation Online Video

Joybija Meditation online is a meditation practice that helps you be your best self by deepening spiritual growth. Joybija means seed of joy.”Through online meditation you develop tools to seed joy and be happier. Joybija is a systematic quickening meditation. Joybija combines both science and art. Thus, You grow higher consciousness. All you need to do is show up with an open mind and following along with an open heart. There are reliable, expected outcomes with practice, yet every person experiences this sensory meditation in their own creative way. Thus, your experience will belong only to you.

Each Joybija meditation online meditation builds upon the previous lesson.

The meditation classes help you deepen your self-knowledge and grow your heart of service. This creates a life of happiness. Service is an integral aspect of this meditation. With Joybija meditation online, you work to embody your higher consciousness and become a source of light to others in our challenging world. Joybija activates your senses and requires participation. The meditation classes are engaging and easy to follow. The best way to see if Joybija’s online meditation course is right for you is to try a free meditation class.

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