Nebula Genomics Test Video

The Nebula Genomics Test is the most private and thorough DNA assessment on the market. At Nebula Genomics we are driving human genome sequencing to advance our understanding of the causes of diseases and lay the foundation for personalized therapies of the future. These include targeted gene therapies that will make it possible to cure genetic diseases. In addition to developing DNA sequencing technologies, the laboratory of Prof. George Church has also made major contributions to the development of tools for gene editing. In particular, it co-invented CRISPR-Cas9, a revolutionary gene-editing tool that brought us much closer to creating gene therapies.

We use Whole Genome Sequencing to decode 100% of your DNA and produce 10,000 times more data than other DNA tests like 23andMe and AncestryDNA. Begin a lifetime of discovery with full access to your genomic data. You also get weekly updates based on the latest scientific discoveries, advanced ancestry analysis, and powerful genome exploration tools.

Unlike other ancestry tests, the Nebula Genomics test identifies all genetic markers to fully reveal your genetic makeup and help you discover your family history. We provide a detailed ancestry breakdown based on autosomal DNA. In addition, in partnership with FamilyTreeDNA, we give you access to the world’s largest Y-DNA and mtDNA databases. This enables you to trace your maternal and paternal lines. You cal also explore ancestral migration patterns, find relatives through DNA matching, and discover new family connections. Power your genetic genealogical research with personal genome sequencing!