Neverending Story ep 1 TMTTU

Welcome to the Neverending Story episode of The Movies That Traumatized US! (TMTTU) is an edited stream from the HarmonyUS Games Twitch Channel Harmony Geek Therapy. In this stream licensed mental health clinicians and sex therapists Sara and Nicki discuss movies from their childhood. Further more, watching these movies, like the Neverending Story, brought wonder and joy as well as fear and anxiety. Finally, Nicki and Sara discuss the mental health themes they see re watching this from an adult perspective.

The Neverending Story is the kick off to this stream and first season. Who does not remember the swamp of eternal sadness, Artax’s death, the Southern Oracles, and the naming of the Child like Empress. Moreover, these scenes and more will be picked apart with snark and humor. For instance looking at Bastin processing his grief as an armchair hero. He works through all of Kubler-Ross’ stages of grief through the various encounters in the world of Fantasia. Ateryu is Bastin’s avatar viewing his process as his own and exploring the world with him. As a result of various scenes where Bastin appears to feel Ateryu’s emotions and acting as his guide. Finally, Bastin excepts his mother’s death and he is the hero of his own story.

Remember, this is a mature stream. For instance adult situations and language appear in several scenes of The Neverending story. Finally, warning this is an adult stream with adult language and content.


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