Self Soothe Kits

Self soothing is an emotional regulation skill. In this video Therapist Nicki provides guidelines to making a personalized kit for emotional regulation/self soothing.

Emotions signal threats and rewards. Much like a compass that guides us in the right direction, emotions guide us to the right actions. For example, when a child commits a mistake, he might get scared and lie to his parents about it, or avoid confronting them for fear of punishment.

Their parents may eventually discover what their child did and the child, in all probability will end up facing the same consequences that he was trying to avoid. In this instance, listening and responding to the ‘fear’ emotion proved futile to the child.

However, the same emotion (fear) would have proven helpful for someone being chased by a wild animal in the forest. In that situation, running to avoid confronting the savage beast would have been the correct decision.

Therefore knowing when to judge when to trust emotional triggers and act on them, and when not to. In other words, it is essential for us to understand how to regulate or control our emotions so we could use them optimally.

This video discusses items and exercises to use for emotional regulation. also provides majority of the tools you need to make your kit.