The Turtle Story

Welcome to the Turtle Family Like any other family, we are not perfect. But we believe you will find that the Turtles are compassionate, understanding, diverse, resilient, friendly, and dependable. We celebrate the differences we all bring to the group, and we recognize that together we are greater than any one of us. At the same time, we also understand that each of us are on our own unique path through this world, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution to any given challenge. Each of us takes pride in taking steps on our own path, in a way that seems right for us. And we realize that with every step comes a new perspective. Sometimes we acknowledge a step was not as wise as we thought, and we must immediately change direction. Other times after a step we discover a whole new worldview that takes a while to digest.

Although we may take these steps with some trepidation, we also take these steps with the comfort that we Turtles are all taking steps on our respective paths at the same time, and provide each other with a supportive safe haven where we are all friends. At all times we respect each other’s autonomy and respective responsibility for choosing the path that is right for each of us. But we know we are not alone in this struggle. We offer support, guidance, experience, affection, and most of all, a friendly ear for each other based on love and our own perspectives. Join us in the Turtle Pond and add your unique life experience and wisdom to our family. We expect nothing in return except mutual respect. Why do we call ourselves Turtles? Turtles have a trait that few animals have. They can grow at any age. A turtle in a small pond will only grow to a size supported by the pond’s ecosystem.

However, if the turtle moves to a larger pond, it will grow larger to fit that ecosystem, no matter the age of the turtle. A turtle can move to larger and larger ponds, lakes, and expansive ecosystems. With each move is a chance to grow. In fact, the ability to grow at any age is built into the DNA of turtles. So it is with our Turtle Family. Each of us gradually moves to larger and larger emotional ecosystems. We expand our minds and our experiences on our path to be the best people we can be. Each expansion, while initially difficult, allows us to become wiser, more resilient people. We experience more insight, more compassion, more love, and more of everything as we grow. It is never too late to grow. One word of caution. In the wild, a turtle that moves from a large lake back to a pond will no longer be comfortable there. In fact, they risk sickness, even death, because the ecosystem cannot support a turtle of that size. It is the same with members of our Turtle Family. Moving back to a smaller emotional ecosystem brings emotional peril. Do not fear this, but be aware.

We Turtles have all taken missteps backward, it is part of the learning process. We will remain united with our Turtle Family to help support each other emotionally should one ever happen upon this circumstance. We will continually offer our insights into how to move to ever-growing emotional ecosystems as we all move forward on our path through life. The Ultimate Turtle Universe Note that the ultimate pond to aspire to is, of course, the ocean. To turtles, the ocean is the ultimate ecosystem covering the entire world. There are sections, the Pacific, the Atlantic, the Arctic, but they are all interconnected and part of the whole. This means that we can peacefully live in the tropics while other turtles live in the Arctic.

Some who live in the tropics choose not to spend time in the Arctic, and some in the arctic choose that environment. Others go back and forth between the two. The point is, we all understand and respect each other enough to know that each person chooses to live their life as they see fit. Such respect means that you feel free to express your preferences, and are willing to hear others express their preferences. You can choose to have a healthy debate without animosity and remain friends. Nuggets of wisdom that help us keep each other honest – As Turtles, we offer praise, express affection, show respect, and recount successes of other Turtles, even if they are not present. But we NEVER gossip about Turtles not present. – As Turtles, we work to expand our environment and experience, so we welcome all perspectives and life experiences. – As Turtles, what happens in-group or on the Turtle Facebook pages is not shared or discussed with non-Turtles. – Learn More at