Alcoholism and Marriage: Does it go together?

According to statistics, more than one half of families in US have an individual who are abusing alcohol or addicted to it. Be it the husband or the wife, the effects of it on a marriage can be damaging. SO, what are some of the effects of it?

It causes anger. Imagine having all the tension simmering under the guise of a happy marriage. As the saying goes, still water runs deep. Heavy alcohol use does not yield warm communication. It yields more negative and hostile communications. There is more hostility in everyday conversation and all these factors decrease the couple’s satisfaction in the marriage.

There’s marital distress. Negative and hostile communication yields to marital distress in the non-alcoholic spouse. It adds to the strain and the tension of the marital ties. There is less problem solving, more damaging communication. The problem just keeps on piling up. This may lead to a greater potential of marital violence or divorce.

Being absent in the family. The alcoholic spouse is constantly absent in the family. They are unable to shoulder everyday family responsibility or daily household tasks. This inability leads to a diminished role in the family as a husband or a wife to the non alcoholic spouse and as a father or a mother to the children.

Physiological distress on the family especially the children. An alcoholic father or mother figure increases the children’s social, emotional, behavioural and academic problems.

Marital violence. The more men are frequently intoxicated, the more likely they are to vent their anger on their wives. Alcohol abuse is linked to increased aggression and more physical violence as their ability for rational thinking is reduced. In addition, the intoxicated spouses are more likely to act on impulse and unable to exert self-restraint.

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In conclusion, no good can come out of it. Alcoholism and marriage are like oil and water. Both can never mix.

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