My Telemedicine Doctor

Who has time to sit in an urgent care clinic and expose themselves to infectious diseases? The medical system is challenging to navigate and finding the right kind of care and diagnosis should never be left to the internet. This healthcare plan is not only inexpensive, it also has a huge variety of services to help make healthcare far less intimidating. This program is also LGBTQ and Polyamory Family friendly. My Telemedicine uses YOUR definition of family on our family plan for up to 8 individuals (adults and children).


Some of the benefits this amazing telehealth plan offers:

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24/7 Access to a Doctor in all 50 States

Our plan provides access to a doctor 24/7 days a week. We are also 100% bilingual.

Healthcare Advocacy

The medical system is hard to navigate. My Telemedicine Doctor has specialized health advocates available for assistance with everything from second opinions to helping you find the right kind of specialist for your needs. LEARN MORE

Healthcare on Vacation

Do not loose precious vacation time sitting in an urgent care clinic out of town. LEARN MORE

Teleheathcare for Kids

Don’t waist time sitting in the doctor’s office or urgent care being exposed to other kid’s cooties. LEARN MORE

Behavioral Health

Selfcare and mental health support are essential during times like these. Finding a great therapist is as easy as downloading an app. Get the support you need fast and inexpensively. LEARN MORE

Message a Specialist

Feeling lost about a diagnosis? Do you need help understanding a medication you have been prescribed? What if you had access 24/7 to various medical specialists that could answer your questions and help you navigate your next steps? Now you and your whole clan can have access to this service today. LEARN MORE


How to be a life coach: inspire yourself, inspire them

Life coaches are consultants who work with people and help them achieve and make the desired changes in their lives. If you want to take on the job as a life coach, here are a few steps that you should take first.

Firstly, you need to be caring and emphatic. The work of a life coach involves listening and understanding other people’s problems. Then you need to help these people and encourage them to achieve their goals. This requires you to be extremely caring and emphatic. If you are an impatient and unfriendly person, you would lose patience with your clients fast and would not be able to communicate well with your clients.

Secondly, you need to decide on what area of life coaching you want to specialize in. Some life coaches specialize in helping people with their interpersonal relationships, businesses, careers or even on a personal development level.

Thirdly, you need to be trained. You have to enter training at private institutes which offers this course. This will help you to receive accreditation from a recognized organization such as International Coach Federation or the International Association of Coaching. Although this is not a requirement but getting yourself accredited makes you part of the organization’s life coaching network and this can direct clients to you.

Fourthly, it is recommended that you get yourself mentored by an established life coach too. A life coach has to have personal and professional development too. Whilst you are receiving your mentoring from an established life coach, you too can also start to give out coaching of your own. By doing so you are actually putting what you learn in to practice and it accelerates your learning process too.

Lastly, you need to continue to improve your life coaching skills. Life is about constantly learning so keep on taking the continuing education classes to develop yourself not only from a professional point of point of view but also for your own personal development.

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