How to Access the HarmonyFlix Library via Plex

  1. Sign up for a free Plex account at https://plex.tv and send your user name or email address to the HarmonyUs staff
  2. Once the HarmonyUs staff has let you know your access has been enabled to the HarmonyFlix library, log into your Plex account, where a notification badge will be shown in your user icon
  3. Click the user icon to drop the user menu, and click “Users”
  4. Under Sharing, accept the invitation from the user “harmonyusinc” by clicking the green check box
  5. Click the Home icon to return to the home screen of Plex
  6. You will see a the current server you are connected to, which you can click to see other available servers
  7. One of the servers available will be “harmonyflix”, which you can click on to browse and view the items in the HarmonyFlix libraryHarmony Flix