Managing Big Feelings


I’m reminded of the power of our listening and rather than punishment by this video a member mama sent in. It’s of her 4 yo who has been struggling with impulse control issues and some pretty big and hard to understand feelings since her parents recent separation. 

Instead of hitting mom or their dog as she had been doing, after a week with her new friend Yellow Lion, this child was able to name and share her feelings instead.

Happy (yellow), sad (blue), calm (green), and mad (red).

Noticing and naming. This is self-awareness and compassion in the making. 

We can not threaten kindness into a child (or any human being for that matter…), but we can nurture it – with clear boundaries, tools, support… and lots and lots of love. 

Here’s to a kinder world. Change just one child’s world for the better and then sit back and watch the ripples.


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