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The Self Soothe Me Store is a therapist curated shop for the support mental healthcare.

What is Self Soothing?

When you use behaviors and tools to regulate an emotional state, we call it you ability to “self soothe”.

Self Soothing behaviors are learned in childhood, but not everyone got all the tools they needed. Thus, our team of therapists went on the hunt for new tools.

Our hand curated products are therapist tested and approved for emotional regulation, mental healthcare, and stress management.

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We love tools that are both preventative and able to help during an immediate crisis. Therefore, no matter what stage of grief you are in, we have solutions.Our products and blog do not replace coaching or therapeutic interventions. Thus, use our tools to enhance your self care and mental health journey.

We know that not everyone needs the same kind of support. Thus, we hand select a diverse set of products in order accommodate a variety of support needs.

Ask a Therapist Blog

Our “Ask a Therapist” blog and video collection provides information, product reviews, and resources from various experts in the field of mental health treatment. There are a number of videos and blogs that teach a variety of self soothing methods.

03 Feb 2021

Therapist Sara Mercier-Kennedy B.S./B.A.

Therapist Sara Mercier-Kennedy B.S./B.A.
M.S. Clinical Mental Health Therapist Intern Therapast Sara's Education Therapist Sara Graduated from Colorado State University with a double Bachelor’s in Psychology and Sociology. Her primary focus was the study of Gender Identity formation and LGBTQ+ issues. Then, she began her current work on her Master’s degree at Walden University. Her specialization in gender and...
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25 Jan 2021
Supernatural Counseling: Wendigo S1 Ep2
Supernatural Counseling, a subset of Geek Therapy, involves the analysis of the show Supernatural and finding the therapeutic themes, interventions, and moral take always we can use in our daily lives. Episode Summery In this episode, Sam and Dean follow the coordinates left in their father's journal and land in the middle of the woods...
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