Have you felt the sensation, gently opening your eyes to a new day, and have not felt terrible? When you can feel the energy charging your joints and bones, filling you with a mental determination in order to truly succeed in that day. Can you not recall this aura of vigor, this good night’s rest? Perhaps it may be the moment in which to consider amending your ‘Sleep Hygiene’. This may be one more in the extensive list of popular phrases amongst the modern day, but its definition is quite simple. What are the efforts and habits that you undergo in order to obtain a good night’s rest?

The necessity of sleep cannot be stressed enough, growing more and more significant by the era. It allows the body to regain strength and stability, in order to continue functioning at optimal efficiency. Despite what many would tell you, lack of sleep will cause subtle, detrimental effects that increasingly place one at risk of illness, injury, and mental disturbance. As the years progress, and the emotional toll of traditional lifestyles are realized, the upkeep and care for mental health, as well as physical exhaustion, has become an all time importance for the perseverance of the self and it’s success. The human body is durable and built to last, however is not invulnerable. Taking care of oneself should be a priority amongst the others.

But there are strategies for which one may employ in the pursuit of good health and vitality in the realm of the unconscious mind. Although somewhat self explanatory, it is helpful as a reminder in order to completely avoid the consumption of caffeinenated goods, or goods that contain sugar within a few hours of the time during which you seek to fall asleep. The latter is not a steadfast, complete rule, however moderation is the key to enjoy the pleasures of life with little repercussions. Along this note of consumption, one may desire to consider the avoidance of foods that will cause indigestion, or irritation of such. As the body rests, a significant portion of its energy and blood is contributed to the proper processing of your food intake from the day, which irritating foods disturb. Make note of which foods cause such ailments and uncomfortable sensations within you, and avoid them when truly seeking effective rest.

A key factor in seeking the perfect night’s rest is the careful construction of an optimal environment for rest. Especially vital to those who do not receive much sunlight while working, you must make your daily regimen to receive some amount of sunlight while working and awake, and creating darkness when you are sleeping. The introduction of light, especially artificial, while asleep will confuse the body and create a subtle sense of anxiety. This same darkness must be artificially created when one decides to take a nap in the daytime. On the matter of naps, it is almost universally accepted the time limit of naps should be reduced to 30 minutes, as longer naps may lead to a skewed sense of bodily function and mental organization.

Sleep is a necessity, and the effectiveness of it may factor into the overall happiness and success of the individual. It is your responsibility to take care of yourself, so be sure that when you rest, it is only the most effective it can possibly be. You may find, after placing effort into certain healthy strategies of sleep hygiene, that many aspects of your life will be enhanced as well. The night is young, so rest a while.

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