Quick Tips That Will Help You to Get More Done in Less Time

Less Time? I Need More Time!

Want to be less stressed at work or running your business? Often it comes down to simply getting more work done more quickly. If you can be more efficient with your workflow, then often you’ll find that your job is far more manageable and much less stressful. And there are tons of tips out there on the wide web that can help you to be more productive.

Here we will look at some of the easiest and the most effective…

  • Want to keep yourself productive and optimistic? Try using a positive affirmation as your online password!
  • Multitasking has been shown in countless studies not to work. Work sequentially by moving from one task to the other.
  • Always focus on the ‘why’ of what you’re doing. If you remember why it matters and you think about your long-term goals, then you’ll be far more likely to stay focused.
  • Priming is a psychological technique you can use to put yourself in the right mood for what you’re about to do. For instance, you can prime yourself for work by watching a clip from a film you find inspiring.
  • Listening to white noise can help you to be productive! Other good things to put in your ears are background chatter (try ‘coffitivity.com’) and also music tracks on loop.
  • Want a quick energy boost? Try consuming honey! This contains fructose and sucrose and the combination provides both long-term and short-term energy.
  • Don’t have your first tea or coffee until you’ve done something productive. Likewise, don’t check Facebook until you’ve completed another task. This keeps you motivated and prevents procrastination.
  • A smartwatch can prove to be a great way to get e-mails without losing yourself in Gmail.
  • Want to really focus on writing or coding? Unplug your mouse. By making browsing less difficult, you reduce your chance of doing it.
  • Try moving your working day forward one hour. We naturally ‘crash’ at 4pm, so don’t try and work through this natural lull.
  • If you’re prone to procrastination, try starting your to-do list with a task that you’ll enjoy and that isn’t too stressful. This way, once you’ve completed the first item, you’ll be into the ‘swing’ of work and you’ll be feeling much less stressed.
  • Another one: leave one task half-finished when you leave work. We hate ‘unfinished business’ and this will compel you to start right away the next day.
  • Joy makes you work faster, make sure you add some humor to your day. Less time for fuss more time for play!
less time

A Personal Measure of Success

measure your success

One of the questions that people often have when they start becoming serious about striving for success if how they can measure if they are successful enough or if they are doing enough to achieve their goals. This question comes because of the propensity that people have to compare themselves to others. But you never seem to measure up when you do that, particularly with those who have already achieved success. So, what do you measure against?

Measure of Success is Different for Everyone

Each person is different and each success story is different. It is impossible to compare your journey to anyone else’s, so you have to do something else entirely. You have to compare yourself to yourself. The best way to accomplish this is by comparing your current self to your past self. The thing that many people do is live as their past selves instead of forgetting about that person and living in the present.

Mistakes are Tools for Measurement of Success

Your past self may have made mistakes, but your current self, going forward from this moment on, has not made any mistakes. You have a fresh, clean slate, and luckily, you have the benefit of all of the experience of your past self to rely upon. But even more important than living in the moment is tracking your progress. No matter what goal you are pursuing, or what end you are looking for, tracking your progress will allow you to see how different you are today from where you have been.

If you are trying to lose weight, tracking each pound lost will give you motivation to continue even through the hardest times. If you feel like giving up because the income stream that you have been working on isn’t nearly as large as you thought it would be, checking out where you were a year ago can put the present in perspective.


The bottom line is that when you want to measure your success, don’t measure it against other people. Other people may have had different opportunities, different skills and different circumstances that affected their progress. Instead, compare yourself to your past self.

For Example:

  • Improvement = You are on the right track
  • Mega Improved = Huge success
  • If you are better off now and are well on your way to reaching your goals, then you are successful.