Vape Away Your Anxiety

If you’re like me, anxiety can cripple you. It can instantly transform you from an outgoing and eccentric mood, to a cold, brick wall. You can’t cure it. Regardless of what it’s stemming from, it’s always with you. No matter what prescription drugs I take, the number of trips to the gym I make, it’s a constant struggle. However, I, and millions of others, have found relief through the effects of CBD.

It’s 2019. We’ve all heard about the possible psychological benefits of cannabis. However, some people are forced into a position where they simply cannot use it. Marijuana is still illegal in many places, making it very difficult for people to obtain safely. Also, the process of getting approved for medical marijuana can be lengthy and burdensome.

Many people can’t even use marijuana as treatment because of the high, or the THC. For instance, people with criminal records or on probation, people subjected to drug testing, or people with sensitivities to THC. These groups of people are left looking for alternatives like cannabidiol (CBD) which is readily available pretty much everywhere.

For those unfamiliar, CBD is one of over 100 chemical compounds found in a cannabis plant. It is 100% natural and extracted as an oil. It does not contain THC, the compound from cannabis that gets you high. It simply works to instill a sense of calmness and relaxation in the user.

While there are many different methods of ingesting CBD, such as sublingual oils or sprays or infused candies, my personal favorite is an additive solution that I add to my vape juice. Over the past couple of years more CBD additive products have been popping up everywhere with different strengths and flavors.

Before I started adding CBD to my vape, I used my device sparingly, usually in a social setting with alcohol. It had almost zero impact on me besides satisfying my oral fixation for smoking something. However, now I use it medicinally on a daily basis, and yes, it helps me quite a bit. After 10 minutes and a few puffs of my vape device, I can physically feel my body loosen up and my mind stop racing.

The market for CBD products has become very saturated recently, and It’s important to do a little research and use a trusted company that regularly tests their product for purity. When I walked into my local smoke shop, there were almost a dozen brands selling CBD products, many of which I had never heard of. Companies such as Koi, Hemp Bombs, and CBDfx are distributed nationally and are wildly popular. Lesser known brands and local companies can be cheaper, but I suggest to stick to the name brands and spend the few extra dollars to be sure of what you’re getting.

It’s important to remember that CBD or marijuana is not a cure or a fix for dealing with psychological issues such as anxiety. It affects everyone differently, and some may not find relief as much as others. It is however a natural, legal, and fairly inexpensive alternative to anti-anxiety medication that you should probably give a shot. (If you don’t vape, try out some delicious CBD gummy worms!)


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