The POP That Never Stops!

Feeling anxious … stressed … or just plain fidgety and bored to tears?!  Do you ever find yourself, or even your kids, constantly trying to find something to do with your hands, without even really being aware that you are.  How many times have you been asked OR said to someone else … “Will you STOP fidgeting!”

Fidgeting is … well I don’t know what it is, but I do believe it can be a lot of things and none of them bad.  However, when you have the “fidgeties” and you need something to do that will occupy your mind AND your hands, you will really love the push-poke-pop bubble sensory toy.  This is a non-toxic silicone toy, that fits in the palm of your hand and that can be washed and reused as much as you want.  What that mean is, “the pop never stops!”

The “Green” Version of Popping Paper

With no assembly required or small parts that can be easily lost, the push-pop bubble fidget toy is probably the most user-friendly, discreet sensory tool that you can take with you and use anywhere.  Your child is feeling anxious waiting for their dentist appointment?  Let them get lost in the soothing playfulness of the push-pop bubble fidget toy!  Nervous about flying?  No problem …  having the push-pop bubble fidget toy gives your mind somewhere else to focus and your hands something to do.

What I really love about the push-pop bubble sensory toy is that it gives you ALL the fun and satisfaction of bubble wrap, but without the loud popping noise, so you can use it in a lot more public places.  Essentially, you can deal with your fidgeting, calm anxious nerves and reduce your stress without anyone hitting the deck at every POP!

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