Therapist Sara Mercier-Kennedy B.S./B.A.

M.S. Clinical Mental Health Therapist Intern

Therapast Sara’s Education

Therapist Sara Graduated from Colorado State University with a double Bachelor’s in Psychology and Sociology. Her primary focus was the study of Gender Identity formation and LGBTQ+ issues. Then, she began her current work on her Master’s degree at Walden University. Her specialization in gender and LGBTQ+ studies has remained unchanged. However, she has added Traumatology and Geek Therapy into her arsenal of therapy tools.

Therapist Sara’s Community

She is active in the LGBTQ+ community. Additionally, She worked with the ACA’s LGBTQ division during her undergraduate studies. Sara also served on the committee for making language in documentation more gender neutral.  She volunteers in the local community Hospice and with our local LGBTQ service centers. Sara is a Gamer/Neet/Anime Weeb and all around lover of life’s little self-care routines. Thus, if you are queer and geeky, Sara is the therapist for you!

Mega Pride
Mega Pride
The Movies That Traumatized Us, Twitch channel
Therapist Sara and Therapist Nicki

Contact Information

Email[email protected]

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